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Here's What Our Clients Have To Say...

Priceless coaching that Aimee offers  

I could write a thousand testimonials regarding the positive progress I have made since finding Aimee, and that still could never completely get across just what she has done for me. I have had blocks, many blocks, that I didn't even realize were blocks. I have lived in a certain way for so long, doing the same things every day, with the delusional idea that one day things will fall into place. Doing the same things and thinking the same ways and nothing changing is not a way to move forward. Somehow we get in a mindset that we can just keep plugging along and eventually what you want will appear, but it just doesn't work that way. If what we are doing, is not making us move forward, its really time to do something else, and that something else is to follow closely the priceless coaching that Aimee offers. It really doesn't matter what you are looking for in life, or what problems you have, Aimee can help you move forward. My biggest block, the one that all the other blocks seem to point to, is self-confidence, and worthiness, Until just recently I have never looked at myself in a loving way, and I can now actually tell myself that I love me, and I mean it. This is massive. My whole outlook has changed. I can do anything!! And so can you!!!  

Naomi Marvin

I chose Aimee because she’s real & authentic.  

Doing the 6-week journey with Aimee was something I knew I needed to do but I didn’t know when. Having worked with Aimee through her club let me get to know how she works. Then one day I just said ok it’s time to do this 6-week journey. I was totally unprepared for what was in store for me, even a little scared at what I might dig up by doing it, but I knew there was work I needed to do …. to get to a place in my life I wanted to be. There are lots of other people out there offering similar things, but I chose Aimee because she’s real & authentic, plus I knew she’d call me out on my nonsense (LOL) that’s something you want or at least I do. Aimee broke down (weekly sessions) with exercises, meditations and homework that honed into what I needed. It was not complicated and if you’re like me where my mind is on overdrive even while I sleep. The journaling exercises, meditations & homework pushed me to look at the deep down is. Over the 6 weeks things changed, my level of being content in my own skin improved, I felt lighter, saw positive change in my job and I let go & released a relationship that caused me a lot of hurt. The journey this work took me on was different than I thought it would be and in the end I’m more content & my energy is lighter. Doing this along with her Creating Your Bliss content has given be tools that I can pull out to re-focus when I need too, but I’ve made the mudras, affirmations & meditations a part of my morning routine and I know it’s helped me better handle what comes at me during the day, and its helping to heal me at a deeper level. Accepting myself being happier with who I am. This whole experience with the 6-week Creating My Bliss journey is something you have to put effort into but in the end the effort is worth it. No twitching your nose and poof change happens… there is work you and only you can do. Aimee is there to support you.