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About Vitalize You - Vitalize You Wellness

About Vitalize You

Vitalize You Wellness has been slowly morphing over the past few years…and is deeply rooted in Aimee’s battle with her invisible diseases.
Vitalize You was initially created by Aimee as a Facebook business page focused on her local yoga and wellness coaching platform. While that page began picking up traffic, Aimee’s blog, The Burned Hand, as well as her Facebook page for it, began taking off.  People are very interested in her story –in how she dealt with and continues to deal with the many invisible diseases* that she’s been fighting since around 1998.
Aimee has spent many years researching the causes of her diseases and how to treat the symptoms.  Unfortunately, these invisible diseases have no cure, so treating the symptoms and learning to avoid the “triggers” is the best we can do.  Armed with the knowledge from this research, Aimee is able to more effectively recommend supplements, diet changes, and activities to people who have sought her knowledge.  Yes, many of her choices are highly effective at helping with her health problems, but she’s also had to change the way she eats, which means that our family has learned to cook differently.  We now eat more “cleanly“.  We aren’t 100% paleo or “clean”, but we have cut a number of things from our diet.
In 2015, Aimee became a certified yoga teacher, and she’s found that the combination of strengthening and stretching that yoga provides also helps mitigate some of the pain and lethargy associated with a few of her invisible diseases.  Since her initial certification, Aimee has also completed training in “Yoga for Arthritis”.
In December of 2015, Aimee earned a certificate in Sports Nutrition.
*Aimee’s invisible diseases include, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Fibromyalgia, hemochromatosis, and porphyria cutanea tarda (PCT), and most recently the MTHFR gene.